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I’m a NYC-based teaching artist and arts administrator devoted to increased inclusion onstage and in the classroom. If you are looking for a customized experience with arts education, let’s chat!


Kimberly Olsen is a teaching artist, arts administrator, director, arts-integration consultant, and certified special education teacher interested in sparking lifelong learning and growth through the arts.

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Rescuing Arts Education and Arts Educators | First Person with Kimberly Olsen

“Last March, our world changed. As city school buildings closed, arts education was impacted almost instantaneously. Our community was disconnected from the schools and students with which they were working. We found that not only did many arts educators lose their jobs, but those who had jobs required an entirely new skill set.” Check out …

Legislative Briefing: Arts Are Essential in Our Schools

I was honored to organize and participate in this convening of policymakers, cultural workers, and arts educators to speak on the current realities and potential of arts education in NYC schools. Tune in to hear policy recommendations to support equity in our schools and for a holistic look at why arts are essential for NYC’s …

On ArtNet News

“Now more than ever, the students need the arts as a vehicle to express themselves, to build community, to think critically, and also to process the world around them, from the reality of this pandemic to the reality that systemic racism persists in our school system, one of the most highly segregated school systems in …


To quote another Kim: “Call me, beep me if you wanna reach me!”

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